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About the Lab

The Statistical Genetics Lab is hosted by Department of Genetics, Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture, University of São Paulo.

The Lab has a group of people (faculty, postdocs, graduated students and undergrads) that has a common interested: develop methods to analyze genetic data. There are a number of subjects being investigated, including major crops and also less studied species. Polyploids are also investigated and having being the major focus of the Lab from some years.

Collaboration is high valued. Everybody is supposed to present ideas and share scientific discoveries, and also to disseminate the ideas of free software, collaborative tools, and reproducible research.

Students with more experience normally help the new ones, encouraging them to follow the good steps and developing a strong sense of self-learning, responsibility, and collaboration.

New students joining the group need to learn a number of new tools that normally are not presented on regular courses. This web page has a special section presenting short tutorials about these tools.

Every week, there are Lab meetings, when everybody must present their progress on specific research topics. Also, there are “tematic” weekly meetings. Nowadays, the subject is “mixed models”: the group is reading and discussing a book altogether.

Some research topics:

  • Genetic mapping: statistical methods and the software OneMap
  • QTL Mapping
  • Association Mapping
  • G x E interaction
  • Genomic Selection
  • Genetic of Polyploids